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Sep 19, 2018

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Small Stakes Poker Plays, Part 3: Continuation Betting in Multi-Way Pots

For example, let's say I open from middle position and get a call from the button and the big blind. I will often fire a continuation bet on a dynamic flop like and continue barreling on the turn if only the big blind calls on the flop. The big blind's defending range is normally weak as is, but here, it is even weaker because of the increased pot odds offered to the big blind by the button's call. Also, maybe the big blind would feel comfortable trapping preflop with a hand like against my open alone, but this is less likely with the button in the pot as well. The weakness of the big blind's range combined with the perceived strength of my range given that I was willing to c-bet into a multi-way pot from out of position gives me one of the biggest range advantages possible. Not to mention that this highly favorable spot is even subsidized by the button's dead money ! That makes this one of the most profitable bluffing spots in all of poker. For this reason, I will open as wide as 40 percent of the deck from middle position here in hopes of creating this scenario against unsophisticated players who flat with hands they should be three-betting or folding. If I am able to get it heads up with the big blind by the turn, I will often shove the river expecting to get a fold the vast majority of the time.

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